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Personality type research is a great way to learn about a person’s innate qualities.

Want to know more about yourself, your own start-up or team?

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Set goals for individual or team sessions (by phone or email)


Complete online questionnaire


Feedback session 1: determine best fit MBTI type (video call)


Feedback session 2: going in-depth and working on the objective (video call)


Team session: each individual team member goes through 01, 02 and 03, completed with a team session (physical meeting) as desired

MBTI makes an impact in your life

The MBTI® questionnaire

Sometimes people answer the MBTI questionnaire with the idea in mind that questions should be answered a certain way, instead of answering the questions based on how they feel. It is therefore important that you discuss your MBTI results in an MBTI Feedback Interview. We call this the Best Fit Typing Process; searching for the MBTI Best Match Type.

The questionnaire consists of several different questions and is completed online. You will receive via a link from the Myers Briggs Company. After completing the questionnaire, the MBTI® report is compiled, describing your reported type. The information in this report is based on the answers you entered in the questionnaire. With this report we continue with feedback session 1.

The MBTI ® feedback session 1

The objective of this feedback session is to define your self-assessed type. In the feedback interview, I guide you through various questions to which you answer from your own perspective and preference. This conversation will take approximately 1.5 hours. After defining your self-assessed type, we review the outcome of your reported type based on the questionnaire. . The self-assessed and reported type may be the same, but it also happens that they are different types. After studying the 2 different types, you can decide for yourself which type suits you best. This is possible, but not necessary. After the feedback interview, you will receive an extensive report by e-mail that you can get started with.

The MBTI ® feedback session 2

This session takes a closer look at your goal. Now that you’ve found out what your MBTI type is, let’s create a plan for yourself that will help you constructively apply your preferences and work on your areas of development.

The MBTI® team session

Teams work smoothly when people understand themselves and each other. Team members can explore their personality qualities, potential contributions to a team, potential areas for growth, and suggested action steps for improvement. And by comparing their preferred approach to work and relationships with those of their teammates, they will develop real self-awareness and stronger connections.

Understand your team’s dynamics to improve performance.

Find out why your team functions the way it does with a team type table and other team preference visualizations. Guided directions and tips help your team leverage its strengths, minimize blind spots, and navigate potential sources of conflict for better communication and decision-making.

Communicate better and solve problems together.

Dive into the team’s communication and problem-solving styles and see how they compare to yours. Each team member gets practical suggestions to adapt their unique preferences to communicate and solve problems more effectively with the team.

Turn insights into action and growth.

Help your people grow, not only as individuals but also as team members.

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Powering Self-Awareness and Team Strength